Why choose Go Green eDelivery?

  • Convenience. Receive your documents online rather than through the U.S. mail. When they become available for you to retrieve online, we'll send you an email. Then simply log into your Customer Center account to view, print, or download copies.
  • Less Clutter. Trade piles of paperwork for password-protected documents on a secure site and help our environment in the process.
  • Security. We store client information using first rate security and privacy technology. Receiving your documents online can reduce security risks posed by others who may have access to your documents or stolen or mis-delivered mail, or loss of paper documents.

  • Green is good. Simple is even better. Enroll in Go Green today.

When you enroll in eDelivery:

  • You agree to receive certain documents electronically and to stop receiving paper copies of these documents through the U.S. mail.
  • We will notify you via email anytime a document becomes available for viewing on our secure website.

Who can enroll in Go Green eDelivery?

  • Individual owners of Life and Annuity policies can enroll online. For special ownership arrangements, such as Joint Owners, Trustee Owners, and Corporate Owners, online enrollment for our eDelivery service is not available at this time.

Am I required to receive documents and other communications electronically?

  • No. Enrollment is optional.

Can I opt out of eDelivery later?

  • If you change your mind and want to opt out of eDelivery, simply log into your account on our Customer Portal, go to My Profile and choose Delivery Preferences. From here, click the Mail button. This will set elections back to paper delivery.

Is eDelivery secure?

  • Yes. To ensure your privacy, documents are delivered to you via the Customer Portal, access to which requires a personal login and password. Your login credentials and account documents are encrypted and protected by secure socket layer technology.

Will my personal information be sent over email?

  • No personal information will be sent via email. Instead, you will be emailed a notification when new documents are available for viewing on the Customer Portal. You access the documents through our secure site at your convenience.

What software and hardware will I need?

  • Acrobat Reader® is required to view your documents. You can download it for free from the Adobe website, www.adobe.com. Electronic delivery is based on the Internet so you will need an Internet connection and an email address.

Is there a cost for electing eDelivery?

  • No.

How long will my documents be available online?

  • Policy pages are available indefinitely. Other documents have shorter retention periods to avoid cluttering of your inbox. You may download documents to your own computer should you wish to keep them longer. Documents also remain on our system in accordance with company record retention policies and can be requested from Customer Service at any time.

Why can't I access my policy pages online?

  • Policy pages issued prior to 2006 are not available online.

What if I need a paper copy?

  • You may print any document or download a copy to your computer. You also may request a paper copy free of charge.

Is there an app for Go Green eDelivery through Prosperity Life Group?

  • Not at this time.

Why do I still receive paper documents by mail if I have elected eDelivery?

  • For compliance purposes, we will continue to mail notices of cancellation, non-renewal, and lapse through the U.S. mail. In addition, if you currently receive paper billing notices, those will continue to be sent by U.S. mail. You will also receive a copy of these notices by eDelivery.

It appears that I am getting all Prosperity Life Group correspondence by U.S. mail even though I signed up for eDelivery. Why?

  • A few things can happen that serve to automatically revoke your eDelivery election.
  • If you signed up for eDelivery when applying for a new policy, and you did not create an account on the Customer Portal within the time period allowed to retrieve your policy documents, we will automatically dis-enroll you from eDelivery and mail paper copies to you. You can sign up for eDelivery again by creating an account on the Customer Portal, going to My Profile, choosing Delivery Preferences and selecting the Go Green button. This will set elections back to eDelivery.
  • If your internet service provider advises us that emails cannot be delivered to you because your email address is no longer active, or if attempts to deliver an email to you are returned to us as undeliverable, we will suspend electronic delivery of documents and resume paper mailing through U.S. Mail.
  • If this happens, you will need to update your email address and reset your delivery preferences to re-establish electronic delivery.
  • Please be sure to inform us of any change to your email address. You can do this online by clicking on My Profile, choosing Update Profile Information, updating your email address and hitting submit. Note that the email provided will replace any prior email address we have on file.

I signed up for eDelivery but am not receiving email notices. Why?

If you don't receive an anticipated email notice, log into your account through our Customer Portal to access the document.

  • Check to see that the Go Green button is selected in the Delivery Preferences section under My Profile.
  • Check to see that the email address showing on My Profile is current and correct.
  • If you have anti-spamming software installed on your computer, be sure to enter the prosperitylife.com domain as acceptable and/or valid within your anti-spamming software.
  • If none of the above solves the problem, please contact us at customercare@prosperitylife.com.

How do I change my information?

  • To change your email address, log in to your account on our Customer Portal, click on My Profile, choose Update Profile Information, update your email address and hit submit. Note that the email provided will replace any prior email address we have on file.
  • To cancel your eDelivery election, log into your account on our Customer Portal, go to My Profile and choose Delivery Preferences. From here, click the Mail button. This will set election back to paper delivery.
  • Note that if you are a current customer of both S.USA Life Insurance Company and SBLI USA Life Insurance Company, your eDelivery election will apply to all existing and future policies.

Whom do I contact if I have other questions?